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What kind of agency is right for you?

A boutique ad agency? Maybe a digital marketing agency? What about a PR firm / design studio combo? Or is a website development company and a creative agency the right fit? Maybe you’ve considered an in-house marketing team?

We get it. It’s exhausting!

Marketing made easy

The right people make all the difference. At Green Dot, the agency principals work as a true team. Together, they direct a full-time team of US-based experts capable of everything from creating the strategy and content, to digital marketing, tracking results, optimization and delivering a high level of service.

In-House team

  • Team has to be recruited, trained, directed, evaluated, and continually managed
  • Experienced teams with broad capabilities come at a high cost
  • Lack of objective, independent thinking
  • Limited exposure to outside marketing strategies, tactics and technology

Boutique agency

  • Limited marketing expertise – usually design or web dev focused
  • Local or regional experience
  • Inexperienced, overburdened staff with high employee turnover
  • Frequent outsourcing and freelance engagements
  • Limited capabilities, inconsistent pricing

Green Dot

  • A tenured team of Directors leads a full-time staff of experts
  • Experience throughout North & South America
  • Agile, east coast US-based team with very little turnover
  • Full-spectrum of automation and integrated services
  • Affordable pricing driven by low overhead and efficient resource utilization

International reach

The team at Green Dot is an eclectic group of multi-cultural creatives, marketers, and analysts. Whether your digital marketing communications need to be delivered in English, or in Spanish, German, French or Creole, we’ve got you covered.

We have experience with pan-regional marketing campaigns throughout North, South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean.

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The best and brightest work here

Our team, process and services mix is designed to serve a wide variety of client needs during specific growth phases. That requires a broad range of capabilities and access to an array of resources.

The most talented people live where they choose. That’s why at Green Dot, we’re not limited to talent and expertise located within driving distance of an office.

With full-time employees working remotely from all over the east coast, we likely have the expertise for your specific marketing challenge in-house. Add our go to writers and producers to the mix and there’s nothing we can’t do.

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