Marketing tactics you can use During COVID-19

Pivot messaging to address new customer needs

Think about your customers and how your business fits into their new reality.

Like all of us, your customers are adjusting to a new way of working (or not working). Some are home most of the day and spending more time with family, while others are working overtime at hospitals, grocery stores or delivery companies. Many are looking for work. And some are actually dealing with the virus itself. Everyone is experiencing this outbreak differently.

Put yourself in your customers shoes

If you can identify new needs your customers have that your company can address, act quickly! All it takes these days is a landing page and a social media ad campaign to spread the word.

New opportunities include:

  • Supplying meat, delicacies, veggies, or other hard to find food items
  • Suppling beauty products, hair dye, nail kits, soap, and related content
  • Workout media, home workout products, exercise routines and content games for families to play
  • Virtual consultations for consumers and other businesses
  • Help with technology and transitioning to work from home

Specific examples of messaging pivots

While not every business can pivot messaging to make services relevant, there’s plenty that can. Here are some specific examples:

  • Restaurant food distributors have food supplies and idle trucks –  what about direct home delivery?
  • Car dealers and boat manufacturers can market low interest  rates and special incentives, plus home delivery of vehicles.
  • Restaurants can offer subscription meal services delivered by  idle wait staff.
  • Elective surgery Docs and Med Spas can offer virtual  consultations and schedule appointments for May.
  • Hair salons and nail salons can market gift cards with priority  appointments for when they re-open.

Want more ideas?

There are probably a lot more creative ideas you could think of yourself, and we always love a good challenge. If you’d like help coming up with ways to pivot your messaging and make your business more relevant in this new environment, don’t hesitate to connect.

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