Marketing tactics you can use During COVID-19

Engage on social

Customers are spending extra time on their devices. Make sure the messaging they see from your company is up-to-date.

We live in a digitally connected world. That much has remained the same even if everything else is changing around us. While some companies can pivot and continue to supply goods and services, others are forced to close or simply can’t sell right now. The temptation is to stop messaging.

Don’t go dark

If you can identify new needs your customers have that your company can address, act quickly! All it takes these days is a landing page and a social media ad campaign to spread the word.

Communicate how your team can contribute

Smart companies are asking themselves how they can shift the focus of their marketing campaigns from sales and promotions, to empathetic conversations that show compassion for their consumers who are facing uncertain times, or to use their resources to help customers in a new and more relevant way. This approach builds brand loyalty that will outlast the current period of isolation.

Think of ways you can:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • Offer Assistance

Want more ideas?

There are probably a lot more creative ideas you could think of yourself, and we always love a good challenge. If you’d like help coming up with ways to keep the conversation going and stay connected to your customers, don’t hesitate to connect.

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