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The Successful Startup

GotSneakers is a social enterprise, that helps people around the United States host sneaker drive fundraisers. The company pays each fundraiser up to $3 per pair of used sneakers collected.

The shoes are then sent to less fortunate areas of the world where micro-entrepreneurs are able to create sustainable small businesses selling the shoes in their communities where access to affordable footwear is at a minimum. At the same time, unwanted sneakers are kept out of landfills where they can take 30 to 40 years to decompose.

The Launch Plan

The founders of GotSneakers came to Green Dot looking to build an informative, mobile-friendly website.

Once the website was designed and developed, the GotSneakers team asked Green Dot to create advertising campaigns to help them reach people who are interested in hosting fundraisers.

Green Dot put together a digital advertising campaign targeting several different groups of individuals who would have access to a lot of shoes, and who frequently participate in charitable opportunities. Targeted groups include elementary school teachers, club moms, runners, and tennis players.

At the same time, Green Dot’s design team created supporting materials for new fundraisers to help them achieve a successful outcome.

Green Dot put together a campaign that includes:

  • Website design
  • Print collateral
  • Google Adwords
  • Email marketing
  • Social media content production

11% sign-up conversion rate

200K participants reached p/m

35% conversion from signup to sending shoes

The Exciting Results

The GotSneakers campaigns reach about 200,000 possible participants per month, with a signup conversion rate that reaches as high as 11% with some of the target groups. Registering to host a fundraiser is free of charge, so encouraging fundraisers to actually send in shoes is a large part of the onboarding process.

To increase the conversion rate for participation the GotSneakers and Green Dot team put together a Starter Kit that includes branded marketing materials for participants to use to collect sneakers from friends and family. The conversion rate from signup to sending in shoes is extraordinarily high at about 35% on an average month.

A co-founder of GotSneakers, Steven Salstein, says:

“Green Dot has been that partner for us that’s really gone above and beyond both digitally and within our physical marketing schemes to find those people that are willing and able to collect sneakers on our behalf.”

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