Case Study: Vanna Belt
Photography & Digital Campaign

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The Driven eCommerce Owner

Vanna Belt is a nature-based skincare and shapewear company that creates products to help customers increase their confidence by firming, toning, and smoothing their physique. The product line is offered in GNC, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and online at The small business is run by female CEO and founder, Jovanna Correa, whose nickname is Vanna.

Her Online Sales

Jovanna came to Green Dot in 2014 looking for digital advertising support to grow her business. Since then Green Dot has taken on many different roles to help the ever-expanding company meet its needs –from launching new products to coordinating annual campaigns, from analyzing data to consulting closely with the management team to increase the ROI from existing efforts.

Green Dot has helped Vanna Belt with:

  • Photography
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media content production

300% average ROI on Google Adwords

50% increase in revenue from informational emails

70% of email revenue comes from informational emails

The Exciting Results

The Green Dot team manages the Content Calendar, Google Adwords and email marketing campaigns for Vanna Belt. One big goal the Vanna Belt team tasked Green Dot with was to help drive more revenue from informational emails so they didn’t have to rely on discounts and sales promotions to generate ROI from emails.

After analyzing the results of previous emails, Green Dot narrowed in on the exact messaging and imagery that the Vanna Belt audience responded to best, and applied these learnings to the next set of emails.

Prior to working with Green Dot, informational emails only accounted for 20% of the revenue Vanna Belt generated from emails. With Green Dot’s help, informational emails now account for 70% of revenue from all email campaigns — that’s a 50% increase! Most importantly, it allows Vanna Belt to drive revenue from email without having to discount products.

In addition to improving the ROI from email marketing campaigns, Green Dot also manages the Google Adwords account for Vanna Belt where she enjoys a 300% ROI on her spend.

CEO, Jovanna Correa, says

“It’s really nice to work with Adwords Certified professionals like the people at Green Dot. Right now we’re investing about $7,500 per month, and making back $30,000 – $50,000 in revenue just from Adwords alone.”

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