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Service Website Development & Content Management

Industry Technology

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Technology conference uniting the Americas

eMerge Americas is the premier technology conference in Miami. It attracts the who’s who in technology, online education, online security and various other related industries.

During year one, eMerge hired Green Dot to develop a new website that could integrate with a mobile app to provide a seamless event experience. Registration, orientation and the event agenda all had to be integrated, as personalization was a primary focus.

During year two, eMerge also entrusted Green Dot with the marketing and email management to help scale ticket sales and expand the footprint of the event.

The results? eMerge Americas utlilized the website and integrated mobile app for three years running, and Green Dot helped boost attendance by 20% to 15,000 in only the third year of the expo’s existence.

What we did for eMERGE Americas video

Services Provided

  • Website design & development
  • Mobile app integration
  • Email marketing
  • Digital marketing

eMerge Americas

The premier technology conference in Miami selected Green Dot to develop and manage their web presence and promote the conference.

Mobile responsive agenda

Green Dot ensures a seamless experience from ticket purchase to viewing post event photo galleries regardless of the device.

Mobile event experience

Most attendees, speakers and exhibitors experience the event on their mobile device. That's why we include everything from a user customizable event agenda, speaker itineraries, social channels and an exhibitor floor map.

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