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The successful startup

Got Sneakers? It’s a question all right!

Rather than dumping old sneakers into the garbage, Got Sneakers will pay you anywhere from $1 – $3 per pair. That means, collecting old sneakers makes a great fundraiser – with no upfront cost!

Got Sneakers approached Green Dot with only a logo and their idea! They were a true startup and needed everything – the brand ID, the messaging, the marketing and optimization.

We didn’t waste any time. Using Facebook and Google, retargeting ads and email we began testing a variety of ad creative and landing page content. Analyzing the results quickly produced insights. Runners and high school students interested in fundraisers for their sports teams and communities responded at the highest rates, and collected the most sneakers.

The results? Got Sneakers campaigns reach over 200k participants every month and conversion rates for sign ups to sneakers drives as high as 11%. From there, 35% convert to actually sending in shoes.

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Services Provided

  • Brand ID
  • Website design & development
  • Digital marketing & lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Content production
  • Collateral design

Start a sneaker drive!

The Got Sneakers website invites users to start the best type of fund-raiser there is - one that doesn't require a dime to get started!

Sneakers on your phone!

Most users arrive from a Facebook ad or Google search, likely using a mobile device. The Got Sneakers website is ready.

Leads, with digital marketing

Got Sneakers needs a steady supply of shoes. Green Dot generates leads daily using social media and search marketing. Conversion rates are routinely in the double digits.

Sneaker collection bins

Branded bins collect more sneakers at gyms, studios and spin classes, as well as help get the word out about Got Sneakers.

Getting started

Green Dot and Got Sneakers are always improving the process to ensure it's as easy as possible to get started with a sneaker drive fundraiser.

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